Coverage is an online system that helps aged care providers manage the new Aged Care Quality Standards.

With Coverage, you can quickly collect evidence and responses for each Standard and instantly produce reports for Self-Assessments, Audit and Plans for Continuous Improvements.

You can also report across multiple facilities and home care services, as well has keeping tabs on any sanctions or notices of non-compliance.

Umbrella Coverage

Residential & Home Care Service Features

An intuitive dashboard to give you a single view of your residential or home care service:

  • all Standards, Requirements and ratings
  • PCI actions
  • sanctions and non-compliance notices
Coverage Overview
Coverage Compliance
Coverage PCI

Interactive tutorial to help get your team using Coverage in no time

Each Standard and Requirement is clearly explained so you can focus on the areas that need improvement

Coverage Standard 8

Quickly manage evidence and actions in one location that are used for Self-Assessment, Audits and Plans for Continuous Improvements 

Coverage Requirements

Rating your requirements to track your performance

Coverage Update Rating Expanded

Provider Features

Your Provider dashboard gives you complete visibility of your services’ compliance status, including:


  • all Standards, Requirements and ratings
  • PCI actions
  • sanctions and non-compliance notices
  • lowest and best performing services
  • key dates 
Coverage Provider Overview

Receive live updates on all your Plans for Continuous Improvement

Coverage Provider PCI

You can group your residential and home care Services into territories to effectively manage your regions

Coverage Manage Territories

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