Coverage + CDCS Resource Hub

Umbrella Solutions and Culturally Directed Care Solutions have partnered to bring you the best platform and content to help you take control of the Aged Care Quality Standards.

Together, Coverage + CDCS Resource Hub give Home Care and Residential aged care providers the content and tools to enhance and deliver quality services as well as a modern, easy to use platform to manage the Aged Care Quality Standards.

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Coverage Features

An intuitive dashboard to give you a single view of your residential or home care service:

  • all Standards, Requirements and ratings
  • PCI actions
  • sanctions and non-compliance notices
  • lowest and best performing services
  • key dates 

Each Standard and Requirement is clearly explained so you can focus on the areas that need improvement

Quickly manage evidence and actions in one location that are used for Self-Assessment, Audits and Plans for Continuous Improvements 

Interactive tutorial to help get your team using Coverage in no time.


CDCS Resource Hub Features

Get access to the full range of up-to-date policies and procedures that reflect the Aged Care Quality Standards, as well as supporting disability program requirements. You will also receive alerts about updates to these so that you know exactly what documents you need to change to remain compliant.

A membership to the CDCS Resource Hub gives you up-to-date resources at your fingertips; resources that are reflective of the current industry Standards, requirements and regulations, making compliance easier and giving your team and Management peace of mind.

You’ll have access to tools and templates that are tailored to the sector and that underpin effective risk management.



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General FAQs

Do I have one access password for both platforms?

No, you’ll have a separate access and password for each platform, however you can set these so that they are the same to make it easy to remember if you prefer.

Can I pull a resource directly from the CDCS Resource Hub into Coverage?

We recommend that you download the resource from the CDCS Resource Hub and read through carefully so that you are fully aware of what is being uploaded to your Coverage platform. Some documents in the resource hub, such as Policies and Procedures, are templates which need to be contextualised to your service.

How do I know which resources map to each Standard?

Great question, we’ve made it easy for you by developing a mapping document for all the resources in the CDCS Resource Hub, you’ll be able to use this as a guide to knowing what resource goes where.

We already have our own forms and templates can we upload these to Coverage, or do we have to use those in the CDCS resource hub?

By all means use your own existing resources, you might want to review them against similar templates or polices in the Resource Hub as an easy way to see if they are current and relevant against the ever evolving industry requirements.

Can you assist us with adding resources and using Coverage to demonstrate compliance against the Aged Care Standards?

Yes, we want to ensure that you get the most out of both platforms and are happy to have a discussion with you about your organisation’s needs, e.g., how to develop a plan to populate the platform and educate staff, through to providing a monthly or quarterly review of content and support to maintain compliance and develop a quality improvement mindset within your team. Just give us a call and we can provide a quote for tailored support once we know what you need.

My service has to comply against other standards, not just the Aged Care Quality Standards.  How will Coverage help me and my team demonstrate compliance against other standards?

While Coverage maps specifically to the Aged Care Quality Standards, organisations have found it useful in demonstrating compliance against other standards because there are common themes across all standards, eg Risk, Feedback and Complaints, HR, Assessment, Privacy and Dignity etc.

If I have problems accessing the sites who do I call?

We want to make sure that you are well supported, so both organisations have staff who can assist you problem solve each specific platform.

For Coverage support contact

For CDCS Resource contact

Coverage FAQs

Do I need IT support to set up Umbrella Coverage?

No – Coverage is a cloud-based solution that can be set up in minutes with no technology support required. You just need an internet connection.

Where is my data stored?

All data is managed on shore in Australia and distributed across multiple data centres.

How secure is my data?

Each provider has their own secure tenancy, backed up nightly across separate data stores. Architecture is built on AWS and leverages data encryption in transit and at rest. All attachments are scanned for viruses and malware.

Where are the support team located?

Coverage is developed and supported in Australia by local development and support teams.

If I have multiple home and residential care services can I see the data for all of them in one place?

Yes, you can see all of your home care and residential services in one place with multisite functionality. Each service (NAPS or RACS ID holder) requires only one licence allowing for unlimited users within that service. Access to each service is governed by permissions-based security.

Resource Hub FAQs

How many team members are able to access the sites?

The CDCS Resource Hub allows for up to 10 additional team members to access the resources making it easy for you to share resources such as toolbox talks and assessment and care planning guides with key staff.

You can add as many of your team as you like to the Coverage platform which means you can have your whole team working towards demonstrating compliance and working on your quality improvement plan.

What happens if there is a change of key staff members?

No problem, while we always recommend that you set up your resource hub corporate account with a generic or, if you do use a ‘named’ email address as the corporate account email we can update this for you as needed.

Please note – changing the corporate account email will cancel access for all sub-accounts so these will need to be set up again.

Do the Policies and Procedures support compliance against the new Aged Care Standards?

Yes, the Policies and Procedures have been written to support compliance with the Standards, BUT they are also designed to provide practical direction and instruction for the every day application in your service. The suite is also scalable and can applied across different service contexts, i.e. Community Care, Residential Care, Flexible Care and Disability.

Are the Policies suitable for larger organisations?

Yes, for larger organisations who already have a range of policies in place and are seeking to update theirs, the CDCS suite provides a platform from which you can review your own suite. They are written as individual documents, not in one ‘big book’. Plus, we have mapped each policy to the new Standards, which makes it easier for you.