Bringing your Plan for Continuous Improvement to life

When it comes to the self-assessment process for the new Aged Care Quality Standards, it’s a relatively consistent process to other compliance exercises.

  • understand requirements
  • formulate responses
  • self-rate each requirement
  • provide evidence and information to support the rating

Sure, there’s a lot of effort to collate the evidence and information but most organisations have it … somewhere.  So, whether you’re using spreadsheets or Coverage to manage your self-assessment and audit responses, it’s just a matter of time and effort to get your assessment completed. But, and we might be a little biased here, Coverage does make it much easier 😊

So why is the Plan for Continuous Improvement causing headaches for providers?

At Umbrella Solutions, we spent a lot of time researching the new Standards reporting expectations and we understand why it’s difficult and also how to make it easier to manage.

As the name suggests, Plan for Continuous improvement (PCI) is meant to highlight the efforts and actions of providers to enhance the quality of their services.  On the surface it seems quite aligned to the evidence required by the Standards.

However there’s a subtle difference; evidence is static, continuous improvements are alive.

If you have a resident service policy, you’re well on the way to meeting the Requirements of Standard 1.  Grab the document. Attach it as evidence. Done.

But how do you show you’re improving your service offering? And better still; how do you track it?

You need some key pieces of information to track PCI activities

  • What you’re improving
  • Who’s responsible for it
  • When is it due
  • What’s the outcome

Some initiatives are large enough to be run as a project, so you can probably track that in a project management tool.

But what about the smaller operational tasks that your staff are working on like training, policy and procedure updates, preventative maintenance and process improvements?  There may be 20, 30 or even hundreds of improvements aged care providers are making over a year.

The Government and assessors want to see all the things you’re working on now and since the last assessment. You need one place to see it together and to bring it to life.

We’ve got you covered

Coverage provides a unified location for all your responses to the Standards as well as Plans for Continuous improvement.  With our prebuilt, live dashboard and reporting we give you visibility over your PCI activities

The Government has a separate PCI reporting template for providers to fill in. However, we believe you’re better off to keep all your responses and actions for the Standards in one place so you cut down on data entry.

In Coverage, PCI activities are recorded as Area for Improvement records against each Standard and Requirement.  We also have a simple copy feature that allows you to duplicate an Area for Improvement to multiple Standards and Requirements in just a few clicks.  You can even copy them across multiple residential or home care services!

Plan for Continuous Improvement - Area for Improvement

To give you a full view of your activities, we have a live PCI dashboard and mini dashboards on the Overview pages.

Plan for Continuous Improvement Dashboard

We also have built in email notifications so staff receive an email when an Area for Improvement is assigned to them.  They’ll also receive a reminder 2 days before the response is due and on the day that it’s due.

Oh, and let’s not forget you can export a PCI report anytime you want.  And PCI activities are even included in the Self-Assessment and Audit reports.

We can get you up and running in Coverage with no technology support required.

So take control and bring your Plan for Continuous Improvement to life with Coverage.

Aged Care Quality Standards, Self Assessments, Audits & PCI

Aged Care Quality Standards, Self Assessments, Audits & PCI

From July 2019, the new Aged Care Quality Standards mean that providers need to adapt the way they respond to self assessments, audits and plans for continuous improvement.  Although the transition may seem overwhelming, with the help of Coverage, we can simplify your administration and reporting.

We all want improved quality of care for our customers, but that doesn’t mean that reporting on our capabilities should be difficult.

The new Standards bring consistency across all aged care providers, but unfortunately the the reporting requirements are a little disjointed.

Umbrella Solutions designed Coverage to simplify the efforts required to produce reports for:

  • self assessment
  • audits, both announced and unannounced
  • plan for continuous improvements (PCI)

Documents for self assessment, audit and PCI

Providers understand that if self assessment or audits aren’t managed correctly, they can lead to notices of non-compliance, or worse, sanctions.

Plans for continuous improvement add an additional viewpoint for the Government which may also have an impact on service status. Risk management is key to improving services, so the better visibility you have on your PCI activities, the more prepared you’ll be for the audits.

Aligning self assessments, audits and plans for continuous improvement

At first glance, these three activities seem quite distinct, however that are all share fundamental elements:

  • record evidence of compliance
  • record and status of improvement actions
  • self rating for each Standard’s Requirements.
  • ability to put forward other information

Armed with important understanding, Umbrella Solutions developed Coverage to have a central data store of rating, evidence, actions and other information.

This allows you enter the data once, but have it appear in self assessment, audits and PCI reports.

Record your information against the Standards and Requirements, Coverage then uses it for self assessments, audits and PCI

With Coverage, you’ll has less data entry and can instantly produce reports for internal use or reporting back to the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission.

Coverage also brings your PCI to life. Now you can monitor changes as they happen so you can track your improvements across your facility, home care services or even your whole Provider service portfolio.

Coverage Plan for continuous improvement screenshot

To see Coverage, our aged care standards software, in action, check out our product page.

Umbrella Solutions isn’t stopping at Coverage.  We are developing a broad suite of aged care software and solutions.  We’d love to hear about your ideas, so we can develop solutions that simplify your job.  Reach out to us via our contact us page.

The new Aged Care Quality Standards

Time for change: The new Standards

The Australian Government has implemented the new Aged Care Quality Standards on the 1st of July 2019.

Umbrella Solutions has been following the development and release of the Standards and believes they will help providers better manage the services and give their clients a improved quality of life.

The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission has some excellent resources for providers. Here are some of the ones we’ve found most helpful.

Aged Care Quality Standards Consumer Outcomes

Aged Care Quality Standards

Aged Care Quality Standards Fact Sheet

Aged Care Quality Standards Performance Assessment Methodology

The government have even more resources available here.