Who in your team needs to be involved when an unannounced audit happens?

This year the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission is aiming to significantly increase the number of unannounced auditsWith the ABC reporting that audits will increase from 600 in FY21 to 1,500 in FY22.   

So, with 4 audits happening every single day, how many people in your organisation would need to have input to your Aged Care Quality Standards audit response?  

Unannounced audits are designed to capture a snapshot of an aged care service, but if you’re not prepared, the picture could be out of focus.  

If you don’t have ready access to the documents, records and evidence needed as part of an audit response, it can lead to directions being issued and even sanctions. 

How many people actually need input to an audit response? Well, you’d be surprised, even in a small organisation there’s a lot of coordination required because the Standards cover the whole scope of an aged care organisation. 

When the auditors arrive and you’re not prepared, you may need to contact the following staff  

  • Human Resources 
  • Regional Managers 
  • Clinical Care Managers 
  • Finance Manager 
  • Quality Assurance  
  • Head of Nursing 
  • Clinical Services Management 
  • Facility Manager 
  • Case Worker 
  • Allied heath coordinator 
  • Head Chef 

If you’re part of a larger organisation, you might need to get in contact with head office to track down policies and procedures.  

Delays in finding this information, or worse, not having it at all, could have detrimental impact on your business and its reputation. 

Rather than running around frantically trying to get in touch with every person you need to respond, you would be better off being ready for any audit. 

Collaborate with Coverage and be prepared for your next audit 

Coverage offers you a simple and cost effective platform to manage your response to the Aged Care Quality Standards.   

You can get live visibility of your responses to Standards and Requirements.  Coverage allows you to allocate tasks to other staff members and it even gives them reminders when the response is due.  

Need input from the HR Manager for Standard 7? You can assign them as the owner of a task in seconds. 

And Coverage has unlimited users for no additional costso you can assign all the staff you need to help give you the complete picture of your compliance. 

Umbrella Solutions offers all agecare providerone month free trial of Coverage.   

So why not give it a try and take control before the auditors come knocking.

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