Digital Innovation: Seniors Are Ready – How About You?

Another great recent article from Inside Ageing: “Coordinated efforts required to boost digital transformation in aged care“ discusses how they are largely focused on overcoming the internal barriers for aged care businesses when they would like to be more “digitally inclined”. 

The findings from the royal commission and opinions from peers within the sector has shown that for many years the digital landscape in this sector has needed to dramatically change in order to keep up, save resources and reduce unnecessary spending on business expenses, passing along more value to the end users. In short, the department will soon very much demand “more bang for its buck”. 

Some would potentially argue that seniors are not ready for more digital interventions, support or companionship but in truth it seems a lot really are. In this article by Monash University earlier this year: “Getting smart: Seniors see the benefits of technology in the home” it is very clearly indicated that with the right amount of support and appropriate communication, it is not the seniors who are not prepared to give it a go… there are a number of great articles and celebrations out there in mainstream and social media around seniors successes with digital innovations. Now is the time to focus, communicate and train your teams towards digital acceptance, support and future success- your business may well depend on it. 

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