Federal Budget 2021- Misses the Mark or a Marked Opportunity to Improve?

While seemingly old news already, the budget 2021 marks an additional investment into the Aged Care sector of around $18 billion over 5 years.

While some cite a missed opportunity https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-05-15/aged-care-reform-not-evident-in-budget/100139692 or perhaps not nearly being enough, others like the team at Umbrella Solutionsprefer to take the approach that this is a great opportunity for “advanced” service providers to shine. Returning to some form of normalcy after what can only be described as a trying year for any sector, we have demonstrated once again that as a country we are a resilient bunch. Howeverthe Aged Care industry has struggled with additional strain and pressure trying to keep everyone safe and well whilst maintaining a well-functioning “back end” 

It is time to revisit this and may be almost over time for some. The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission seems to have some catching up to do in terms of unannounced visits to service providers and given the current non-compliance register: https://www.agedcarequality.gov.au/aged-care-performance/non-compliance-register it is high time for service providers to review how they manage their compliance systems. Within this page it seems highly evidenced that one of the most asked for directions for non-compliance is to ensure the PCI (Process of Continuous Improvement) is reviewed.  

At Umbrella Solutions, we have you covered. https://umbrella.solutions/coverage/ contact us today at hello@umbrella.solutions for a demo of our unique product, we can provide a live or video demonstration of what we can offer, taking up 15 minutes of our valuable time- about the same length of time for a new service provider to develop their first PCI in our system.

Simple, elegant and ready to go.  


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