Did you know you were leaking

A lot of the service providers within the community aged care space in Australia are not-for-profit, so this may sound a little silly, but did you know your business was leaking?

We make it our business here at Umbrella Solutions to understand yours. One of our specialties is supporting not-for-profit businesses that are values or mission based to help you understand the importance of pipelines.

This does not mean we are advocating that you become a ruthless trader- praying on the less fortunate and making millions! It simply means we would like to assist you focus on making your business (and it is a business mind you) successful, but most importantly, sustainable.

A sustainable business generates stability for you, your team and more importantly your client base. If you manage your pipeline appropriately you can stimulate scalable growth and focus on keeping your clients happy. This leads to greater growth in the future.

We have a depth experience in this area, and we can work with you to more fully understand where your pipeline is, how to manage it and how to build a sustainable business pipeline into the future. The choice to reach out to us is yours.

Umbrella Solutions Consulting

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