Are you ready?

January is looking like it will be a month where we see the convergence of several factors that will lead to an increased burden on the aged care community. One of these factors is the pending extreme weather conditions we often see early in the year.  This will mean an increased workload in disaster management planning and activities.

In addition to this natural increase to the burden of work for the aged care community, there is anecdotal evidence that the accreditation agencies are once again mobilising and could soon be visiting numerous providers around Australia. So, the question is…Are you ready?

Umbrella Solutions is here to help.  We have a team of experts that can assist in numerous areas of your preparation, including business enhancement, pipeline development and technology strategy to “future proof” your business in a difficult landscape.

And not to forget Coverage, a specialised tool that helps aged care providers take control of the new Aged Care Quality Standards. With Coverage, you can quickly collect evidence and responses for each standard and requirement and instantly produce reports for self-assessments, audits and plans for continuous improvements.

So, if you need a hand to get ready for the increased workload heading your way, please reach out to the team at Umbrella Solutions to help. We are bringing a fresh, consultative approach to delivering new technology, capabilities and services, giving valuable time back to your care teams to deliver quality services to your clients.

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