innovAGEING Governance Webinar with our CPO and NovaCare

In April 2020, our Chief Product Officer, Vinnie D’Alessandro was invited to write a blog post for innovAGING about the “Remote Governance during the age of COVID-19”.

The result of his effort was that they thought he had done such a good job that they invited him back this month to be part their incredibly popular innovAGEING Insights Webinar Series: Innovating Through COVID-19.  The topic of the Webinar was “Modern Governance: Using Technology to take control of the Aged Care Quality Standards”. It was hosted by Merlin Kong, Head of innovAGEING, one of our customers, Joseph McCarthy, CEO of NovaCare and of course, Vinnie.

The webinar was recorded and can be accessed on YouTube via this link

NovaCare is an award-winning aged care provider, based in Newcastle. They are all about supporting people’s choices to lead their own life the way they want, living in their own home, making their own decisions and doing the things they love.

NovaCare’s approach to governance and the Aged Care Quality Standards is about commitment, ownership and visibility and Joseph is bringing a modern approach to this facet of the organisation.

The webinar is a great way to see how Umbrella Solutions loves to work with our customers and to collaborate on improving the product for all. A great example of this is how NovaCare has allowed us to understand how providers view the interrelation of the Standards and this has given us a lot of ideas for future features for the product.

I hope you have the time to watch the webinar as there are some great insights from Joseph as to their experiences with the Standards and how Umbrella Coverage has assisted the NovaCare team, including the quality manager all the way to the Board, to get visibility of where they are at regarding their compliance.

Once again, thank you to Merlin for facilitating this webinar, Joseph for his fantastic insights and Vinnie for the candid and detailed responses regarding the use of technology to manage the Aged Care Quality Standards.

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