Unannounced audits to recommence – get ready with Coverage

On the 26th of May 2020 during the Senate Select Committee on COVID-19, Aged Care Quality and Safety Commissioner Janet Anderson stated that unannounced audits of aged care providers would recommence in June.

We are also continuing to do onsite visits on a risk basis. So, where we have regulatory intelligence that indicates that there is a risk to residents’ wellbeing, we will continue to undertake a visit to that site. Currently we provide short notice for those visits, which is less than 24 hours, because the site has to give us advice on their infection standing, and we have to give them assurance that our staff coming in are well versed in infection control practice. So, we’re giving short notice of those visits at the moment.

We’re looking to move back to and recommence unannounced visits sometime in June—literally just around the corner. In the next two or three weeks we will be recommencing unannounced assessment contacts on a risk basis to services where we have advice that there may be a risk to residents.

Janet Anderson  – Original Transcript

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