Coverage Features and Fixes – May 2020 Part 2

Making Coverage even better, again 

We’ve squeezed a second release into May just in time for the lifting of the isolation restrictions.  Here’s the low down on the new features and fixes for Coverage.

And don’t forget we’re offering free access to Coverage for 2 months to all aged care providers, check out our blog for more information.  Be quick because the offer ends 30th of June 2020.

Improved Archive features

  • We’ve included a filter for archive responses so you don’t have to see them in your list
  • You can now unarchive responses, that’s why pencils have erasers
Date of last change for each Standard

  • Want to know when your team last made an update each Standard?  Now you can
  • Just head to the Overview page for each Services to see what’s been happening

Redesigned More button 

  • The More button needed a little “more” styling, so while we were adding the Unarchive function we cleaned it up

Support for RACS ID and NAPS ID

  • We used to just call it a RACS ID, but that wasn’t fair to the Home Care Services
  • We’re all about inclusion here at Umbrella Solutions, so it’s now called Service ID and supports both RACS ID and NAPS ID

Improved attachment handling

  • Our diligent developers picked up a potential issue when users upload attachments, they worked their magic and now it’s even more reliable

 Minor bugs squashed

  • Nobody’s perfect. So we have also sorted out a couple of bugs, thanks to our diligent users and testers
  • If you come across any issues or have an idea for a new feature please email us at

Updates, we’ve got you covered


  • There’s a lot going on at the moment, so here’s one thing you don’t need to worry about. Coverage updates!
  • Just sit back and relax, the updates will be applied automatically, you don’t need to lift a finger.
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