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Umbrella Solutions releases Coverage beta program

Updated 21/02/2020:  The beta program has now closed as we are about to release Coverage into the wild.  Massive thanks to all our beta users and providers for helping make our platform even better.  🙏

The team at Umbrella Solutions is proud to announce the release of Coverage, a new system to manage monitor and report on the new Aged Care Quality Standards for your home care services and residential facilities.

Coverage will be available in a limited beta program running from 12th December 2019 to 12th of March.  The beta program is open to Australian aged care providers for free during this period.  There are limited spots available, so get in quick to get access to Coverage.

Coverage Provider Overview

✓ Setup in minutes with no technology support required

✓ Cost effective monthly fee with unlimited users

✓ Live dashboards and instant reporting

✓ Monitor all your home care services and residential facilities in one place

✓ Instantly produce Plans for Continuous Improvement, self-assessment and audit reports

Umbrella Solutions will be providing production level support for beta users through the duration of the program and they’ll be helping us to enhance Coverage for the aged care community.

To learn more about Coverage and apply for the beta program, see our Coverage product page.

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