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What is a Remote Assessment?

For years many Australians all around the country have been made to wait for specialist services. Seniors, people with disabilities and just about anyone who may wish to remain healthy and well will – at some time in their life – have to wait an amount of time to see a specialist. Umbrella Engage is designed to “jump the queue” by providing specialist technology, software and training  to help to link people to specialists anywhere, anytime. A new level of Virtual Care in live stream, high quality and voice activated hands free

Case Study

Case Study: NDIS participant conducting his own Remote Occupational Therapy Assessment from the comfort of his home in Central Melbourne Victoria to specialist assessors in Central Brisbane Queensland. 

How Does ENGAGE Work?

Book in a meeting, we will provide a live demonstration of how we can help. If you would like to move forward we will send you a device and provide training and support to get your team started. The kit is a monthly subscription – you can cancel at any time and includes the hardware (smart glasses), software (+licenses) and training. We offer basic training to start however additional or advanced training is also available if required by your team and we can also offer partner Allied Health providers if you have specific remote assessment needs.  

Where Do We Go to ENGAGE?

Our Direct Mobile: 0458 606 572

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